DRISHTI OPTICALS is a real 21st century company, just 12yrs old, with two retail units in Chennai, India; we service clients from all five continents both in the  shops and via our Internet sales. Through a global network of manufacturers, shippers and wholesalers we have direct access to the best optical frames and lenses you couldn't find anywhere else.

We have precision lens fitters and the steady hands of a 60yrs old Englishman at the helm. With solid affiliates in the world of design and production, and with world class lenses, we can deliver every bit the quality and style of your high-street optician at a fraction of the cost.

No matter that we are a few thousand kilometers away our reputation is built upon a host of delighted customers throughout Europe and America, and our target is zero dissatisfied customers. We offer absolutely the personal touch - but without the 'touch'.

Communication by email, chat, or eventually telephone; payment is made directly into our UK bank account and delivery by post to your very door. Upon our confirming receipt of payment, the glasses are processed and dispatched as soon as mechanically possible generally delivery is door to door within 7 - 10 days. Faulty goods are refunded in full, goods returned to source.
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